There has never been a better time for us to reinvent the wheel and take a plunge by pursuing the most extraordinary ideas for our businesses than today. The market has changed: The consumer has become more tech-savvy, businesses now have better access to a wider audience and potential consumers for their products and geographical positioning has merely become an invisible chain for the 21st century business. In light of all these changes, most firm owners sense a growing discomfort and unease, as they don’t know how to handle such a volatile and ever-changing environment. Some think technology is the answer, others think better market planning and a unique value proposition tailored to suit the market’s needs . One thing that is certain however is that , it is time for businesses to take action if they are keen to grow and stay relevant in the market place. This site therefore seeks to give a greater insight on some of the new innovations and developments that have come-up for the convenience of both the consumers and businesses around the world.